Speech and Language Services

We conduct evaluations and treatment for children with a variety of speech and language needs including, but not limited to: 

  • Articulation/Speech Production                     
  • Language Comprehension  
  • Phonological Awareness  
  • Fluency  
  • Social Language  

Speech/Language Evaluations


The first step in the process is to have an evaluation completed for your child.  We offer complete diagnostic evaluations, which determine the child's speech and language needs and help guide the course of your child’s therapy. A parent questionnaire will help inform the evaluation process; assessments relating to speech, voice, language, fluency, and social disorders at all levels of severity may be utilized based on the needs of your child. We will evaluate each child's strengths as well as any areas of concern using a number of measures to capture a comprehensive picture of your child’s needs and abilities. An evaluation will include a parent report, unstructured play and conversation, and formal tests.  All evaluations are performed by a licensed speech/language pathologist.Please plan for 1 hour to complete the evaluation depending on the needs and age of the child. In some cases, if your child has a current Speech/Language IEP, the evaluation process may be shortened or omitted.


Speech/Language Therapy Sessions 


An individualized therapy plan will be developed for your child based on the results of the comprehensive speech and language assessment.  Your child’s treatment plan will be tailored to the area(s) of need and will incorporate multiple learning formats and styles to engage your child in learning.  Therapy is conducted by a licensed speech/language pathologist.  


Consultative Services 


We are available to consult with school personal for IEP and Case Conference meetings, other outside therapists, including OT, PT and psychologists as well as physicians as requested by the parents.  

Bmington Pediatric Speech Therapy is a privately owned and


Speech/Language therapy practice on the eastside of Bloom

ington, IN. We provide

services for children in Bloomington, as well as, Monroe

and Brown Counties. We

develop individualized treatment by utilizing effective interv

entions based on continuous

assessment of your child's needs and strengths. We als

o utilize the latest technology and

current best practices to ensure the most effective out

comes for your child. Our goal is to

work collaboratively with families and the community to a

ssist children in reaching their

greatest potential.

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